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How much attention do you give your hair? If you’re haircare addicts like us (or want to learn more about how to care for your hair), keep reading!

Choosing The Right Shampoo & Conditioner For Your Hair

How much attention do you pay to what shampoos and conditioners you use on your hair? When thinking about what shampoo and conditioner is for you, take a moment to see how your hair feels… is it feeling like it’s lacking moisture, or feel like it needs a boost of strengthening protein… If your hair is lacking in moisture and you enjoy the sensory experience of a gorgeous smelling shampoo and conditioner, then let us take a moment and introduce you to Guava and Gold. Escape to a tropical beach with these gorgeously scented holiday inspired hair treats… Guava and Gold have a selection of ranges to suit your personal tastes including… CORAL BEACH Faraway beaches steeped in sunshine, exotic fruit and creamy cocktails inspired our Coral Beach collection. PARADISE FOUND Tropical sun-kissed mandarin melts into fresh yellow freesia and pear blossom in our Paradise Found collection COCO & CHERIMOYA Soothing tropical coconut and cherimoya, enhanced with bergamot, pink magnolia, vanilla orchid and tonka bean All the products are…
  • Paraben free
  • Phthalate free fragrance
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Made in England
If you’re looking to go eco with packaging, our lovely brand The Afro Hair and Skin Co also has a ‘Nurture’ shampoo bar infused with botanical extracts of wild Nettle and Lavender.  Caring For Your Scalp It’s time to give your scalp and hair some love with this beautiful aromatic scalp oil from Sofia Latif. Although scalp oils aren’t for everyone and we’d always recommend you speak to a trichologist if you’re having scalp issues, a scalp oil is a lovely way to give your scalp the same kind of love that you give your face. It can help reduce itchiness and dry skin on the scalp and it’s oh so relaxing to give yourself a little scalp massage in the process! This is a soothing oil for use as a pre-shampoo treatment once or twice a week. It can also be used on dry hair to add vitality and shine, when applied liberally after styling. Nourishing & Treating Your Hair     And finally, this is more for curly haired beauties as it may be quite rich for some people, keep your hair feeling soft and shiny with The Afro Hair and Skin Co’s ‘Flourish’ Totally Nourishing Hair butter which helps to restore life back into curls without weighing them down. It’s a deeply restorative afro hair butter that works to soothe dry and damaged hair by absorbing deeply into the hair shaft eliminating dryness while providing added strength at the core of your hair. Our rich butter quickly adds softness and restores life back to dull or parched hair while fortifying the hair shaft with vital plant nutrients to restore your hair back to better health. The Afro Hair and Skin Co – has a Hair Oil, which is a carefully selected all natural ingredients hair oil that will support, comfort and restore your skins natural functions. This can also be used as a pre-shampoo for dry hair.

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