Pamper yourself with Body Hut where each product is handcrafted in fresh, small batches and made with love.

Created without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials or unnatural preservatives. All ingredients and products are cruelty free and are suitable for vegans.


Body Hut was established by Kim after years of trying to get her skin clear and acne-free.

Growing up, she was teased due to her acne and scarring which affected her self-confidence as a teenager. Into her early adult life, she was still suffering from acne and scars and felt lost. She tried so many creams. Some of them worked for a while, then stopped. That’s when she started to make her own products and noticed the difference in her skin straight away. Her skin cleared, her acne went away, and she was amazed!

Body Hut was created to help you feel beautiful. Because when you look your best, you cannot help but feel better in yourself! You glow beautifully!

To be more sustainable, their brand uses glass packaging, to prevent plastic waste. Also, they do not use any water in their products so that they do not contribute to water scarcity.

What is one of the highlights of being a fempreneur?

 One of the highlights of being a fempreneur, is that I get to create products that people love. It’s such an amazing feeling when people feedback that they love my products.

 Also, another highlight is that I get to inspire girls and women too.

 What motivated you to create Body Hut?

I always wanted my own beauty brand, and I was already creating my own products, so I decided to share them with the world.

What is your favourite product from the range?

This is so hard because I love them all! – I would not bring out a product that I was not in love with. However, I do change my favourites in the range all the time- at the moment I am loving Luxe Beautifying Oil, I love putting it on at night and waking up to glowy refreshed skin and Goddess is my favourite at the moment because I love glowing, shimmery skin in the summer- It makes me feel like a Goddess lol. Also, my Rice and Oat exfoliator- I love to leave it on for 30 minutes after gently massaging my skin for two minutes. When I wash it off, it makes my skin so soft! Also, I want to add my Lip Polish- getting rid of dead skin on my lips every week is a must- as a bonus, it leaves my lips so soft.