This gorgeous Italian brand prides itself on its luxurious, natural and clean approach to beauty. They work with beautiful Italian ingredients and don’t include any synthetic chemicals, added fragrances, mineral oils, fillers or essential oils that could irritate your skin. Because at its core, this brand wants to create products that are safe for all skins, to make you look and feel amazing!


It all started a PASSION for deliciously organic ingredients that could be used to make homemade skincare products.

Casa Mencarelli was born.

During the last few years founder, Lucia, developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She had to revolutionize her lifestyle and reduce her exposure to toxic chemicals in order to heal her illness.

Lucia could no longer use any conventional cosmetics, so she started making her own skincare products at home, using fresh, food-grade organic ingredients. Real, clean green beauty is the result!

Lucia’s passion for organic skincare comes from her personal skincare challenges and a desire to prevent other people from suffering like she did. Her commitment to improving the skincare offering for those with sensitive skin.

We are always looking at opportunities to be more eco friendly and only use recyclable packaging.
We have already reduced the packaging for our Sea Buckthorn Serum, moving from a 100ml bottle with a carton to a 30ml glass bottle with dropper and no external packaging.

Also all our 2ml samples come in mini glass bottles and jars, no plastic and all recyclable.

For the future, we are looking further reducing packaging and at using friendly and sustainable materials, in line with our philosophy of “really green beauty “.