The Brand is a pioneering British-Blended, African-Heritage natural beauty brand driven by the benefits of nature and harnesses the power of time-tested African botanical oils that target deeper layers of the dermis for radiant, youthful skin. Most of the range is built around the core ingredients of Baobab oil, Marula oil, Shea butter, Moringa seed oil, Frankincense and Rooibos all of which are highly regarded in the skin care world for their skin moisturising and nourishing ability.

These fempreneurs are working to pay it forward through their ‘Connect the Dots’ scheme which supports African fempreneurs who are ‘daughters of the soil’ – women who work in agriculture, supporting them to get develop their businesses. Be Inspired.

The brand is the love child of Maria Magembe, who was joined on her journey by her long time friend Hellen Lawuo-Meena the pair joined forces and launched the brand in 2015. Maria was inspired by her great grandmother who was a beauty fempreneur in her Ugandan village focused on harnessing the power of plant based ingredients and it is this legacy that they are sharing with us. Both ladies are committed to creating products that nourish, protect and moisturise the skin naturally, and to supporting other women by paying it forward.

Our plant-based, nutrient-rich formulations are powered by African botanical oils that are associated with an array of health benefits -from protecting against free radical damage, to supporting cell regeneration and effectively tackling dull, dry and sensitive skin. We are aware of our responsibility towards the planet and are passionate about responsible sourcing, fair trade, animal rights and eco-friendly lifestyles. We choose to support activities that respect nature and contribute to wellbeing and wholeheartedly embrace the goodness from the soil. By intentionally opting for organic and natural ingredients, we have created environmentally responsible, healthy products that are free from toxins and animal cruelty and deeply nourish, protect and moisturise the skin. Our products have been carefully curated in alignment with our values of heritage, wellbeing, inclusive beauty and empowerment, responding to the skincare needs of women, men and children of today.