kiss the moon

The brand is rooted in aromatherapy and as such utilises the best natural ingredients like sandalwood, frankincense, chamomile and rose are used to create unique blends all focused encouraging relaxation and sleep. Kiss The Moon is a Wellbeing brand committed to helping us to be our best selves by supporting us to ‘sleep beautifully’. Be Inspired.

Based in the English countryside, Kiss the Moon is driven by a passion to help you have a beautiful night’s sleep. Founded by Jo Foster, and born from the need to get her own sleep back on track and counter the effects of a life full of deadlines and jet lag inducing travel.

kiss the moon

Jo Foster created Kiss The Moon as a way of dealing with her poor sleep. Jo’s corporate career was the typical one of long days, constant deadlines and major jet lag thanks to international travel. Jo took decided to take control of her wellbeing: she took the entrepreneurial leap and started Kiss The Moon a unique sleep focused brand that has already won numerous awards. Be Inspired.

Products: We choose glass jars & bottles to reduce the use of plastic along with biodegradable glassine bags for our soaps. Our product boxes are made from cardboard and they’re even printed with vegetable degradable inks.

Corrugated envelopes: No more bubble bags here, we use corrugated kraft ‘flutelopes’ for our smaller orders made entirely from paper and glue
Natural shred: To keep our products safe in their parcels we use un-dyed natural shred which can be widely recycled and even added to the compost.
Paper tapes & labels: Our stickers and labels are all paper, avoiding plastic as much as we can. We use 100% recycled paper tape with a natural latex adhesive backing, making it 100% biodegradable. Stick that!
Ribbon: Our boxes are bow-tied with recycled PET ribbon. rather than polyester ribbon helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment

What’s one of the highlights of being a fempreneur?

Making something positive happen in the world. It’s amazing to put time and energy into doing something which will really help people live a better life and to wake up in the morning knowing you have it in your power to make a difference.
Why is sleepcare so important to you?
I think a good night’s sleep is important to everyone. Sleep has been neglected for way too long but now the scientists have revealed it is the foundation stone of health and wellbeing. If we don’t sleep well, then every cell in our body is is negatively impacted and all our other health goals go out of the window as our stress, energy and hunger levels veer out of control. My own experience of poor sleep started when I had a job which involved lots of longhaul flights. Jet lag is no joke and that’s what prompted me to find natural ways that we can influence our sleep patterns and help ourselves get the rest our body needs.
What is your favourite product from the range?

One of our very first products was our LOVE After Dark Face Oil. It’s my must-have product as it weaves so easily in to my night-time skincare routine. It’s loaded with vitamin A rich Rosehip Seed Oil and Rose Absolut which together boost cell renewal and help skin repair while we are sleeping. And it smells amazingly comforting – like a lovely warm hug. Just the thing to help unwind and relax and bedtime and slip in to sleep mode.

What are your wellbeing ‘must haves’?

My dogs are top on the list. Not only is cuddling a pet proven to make you feel good they also never fail to make me smile every day and then get me up and outside walking, rain or shine. Other than that I’ll choose a good pillow (essential for a ache free night’s sleep) and a constant supply of fresh water. Dogs, sleep and water make my world go round.

What motivated you to create Kiss The Moon?

Having struggled with jetlag, I went on the search for a natural way to manage my sleep. I quickly realised that I wasn’t alone in seeking a better night’s rest – in fact one in three women suffer from insomnia at some point in our lives and even if we don’t, who wouldn’t say yes to a more restorative night’s rest? In terms of finding a solution to that, the penny dropped for me when I found out that the same ancient part of our brain controls also controls our sense of smell. That made me realise that aromatherapy held the answer. The right essential oils can balance the two hemispheres of our brain making us feel calmer, quieten the mind and able to drop off to sleep. Couple that with the fact that these same essential oils deliver powerful nutrients that support skin as it repairs itself overnight and you have the core idea at the heart of Kiss the Moon – night-time aromatherapy that helps you sleep and wake up feeling gorgeous.