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Powerful Woman Flower Essence

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Powerful Woman

Flower essences have been around since the 1930s when they were discovered by Dr Bach. They work via the vibrational power of plants and flowers, providing emotional support when we need it. This ‘Powerful Woman’ essence is formulated to support you to step into your power.

Powerful woman has a strong sense of self, she glows with confidence.  She loves who she is and who she is becoming, believes in herself and her ability to manifest and succeed at anything she puts her mind to. She is creative and abundant. She trusts her intuition, she owns her power and it shows. She fearlessly expands, vibrating with energy. She is limitless. She is a goddess. :)


It’s time to step into your power.
This flower essence is for those times when you wish to awaken and tap into your true feminine power…

Take 7 drops of essence under your tongue.

Spring water (60%), Organic Vodka (40%) Energy imprint of Dandelion, Twayblade, Blackberry, Bluebell, Nettle, Pennyroyal, Evening Primrose(16% abv alcohol)


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