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Ancient Greek Skin Care Reborn

Drawing its inspiration from the Ancient Greek term for “heart”, Kear Natural Life is the brand that invites you to embrace the art of wellbeing. Our premium range of natural, ethically sourced skincare harnesses powerful herbs and essential oils combined with ancient Greek formulas that stand the test of time.
From non-toxic balms to oils, plant-based soaps and shampoo bars, Kear Natural Life will nourish your body head to toe.

Our affirmation? We offer an experience and not just a product!

The Story


MEET KEAR [ κέᾰρ ]

“Here in Kear, we love Nature, so we source our ingredients locally, produce our products exclusively in Greece, and don’t restrict them to a specific need, skin tone, or gender.”

KEAR PHILOSOPHY [ φῐλοσοφῐᾱ ]


Kear brings ancient cosmetic formulas back to life. We combine the modern need for versatility and potency with the rich beauty heritage of Ancient Greece to create timeless natural skincare that works for all.

KEAR ETHOS [ ἦθος ]

We focus on beauty minimalism, or ‘less is more’, an approach fostered by the ancient Greeks who favoured multi-use products blended with natural, herbal ingredients.

KEAR HARMONY [ ἁρμονία ]

Apart from providing natural protection and care to our skin, Kear natural cosmetics also keep our well-being in-check. In other words, reconnect with Nature and its energy, a need that came fore with the pandemic.

KEAR COSMOS [ κόσμος ]

By embracing authentic natural ingredients and scents, each Kear product embodies Greece’s vibrant culture whilst boasting efficacy.

KEAR EPILOGUE [ ἐπίλογος ]

Kear has managed to create products that praise a natural approach whilst considering the skin’s needs, targeting multiple skin concerns with the demand for fewer products. The results? A decluttered skincare cabinet for clearer skin.


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