Naya was born in 2018 grounded in Sarah’s passion for global rituals, ingredients and remedies and is based around the power of Cacay Oil.  This award winning brand is rooted in ensuring sustainability via the transparency of the ingredients used and the rest of their supply chain. As well as most of the ingredients being sourced from South America the brand are passionate about investing back into those communities.

Naya is all about commitment. Commitment to helping you develop your best skin ever via their Commitment to to clean, green and conscious beauty. Founded by sarah Zimmer in 2018 Naya is inspired by Sarah’s travels through Southeast Asia and South America where she developed a passion for local ingredients, rituals and remedies.Naya formulations are created with love and a commitment to clean bio active ingredients that nurture and transform the skin.

All our products are now dressed in a label based on stone-paper. We wanted to find a paper that is tree-free and water-free to give back to nature but also as a commitment to our mission. All our products labels paper is based on upcycled waste, tree-free and water-free paper. No bleach or harsh chemicals involved. It has a special texture and soft touch and all made in Europe to support local sourcing and reduce our carbon footprint. Find out more.

And our paper of our packaging is sourced via the Woodland Trust and part of their carbon scheme. You can read more here.

Our Recycling promise is here

What is one of the highlights of being a fempreneur? 

Fempreneur or menpreneur – As an entrepreneur and the founder of a young beauty startup I choose collaboration over competition every time. Why? Because competition is exhausting. Instead, partnerships that generate win-win relationships provide a network of supporters and open doors to new opportunities. Just by looking at female run companies, I believe that joining forces has the power to generate stronger business results. In my experience, female entrepreneurs tend to be more self-aware in recognizing their weaknesses, and in doing so, show a key part of true leadership. After all, the best leaders don’t just play to their strengths. As leaders, they know that establishing partnerships that fill those gaps is a smart business decision. Behind every great CEO and company leader, female or male, you’ll find a network of supporters, confidants, partners, mentors & advisors that back them up to succeed. Let your mind look for opportunities to join forces and do something great.

What motivated you to create Naya?

During a recruitment assessment day at a leading corporate travel company, I suggested to the senior business leader to incorporate CSR as a business strategy to drive growth. As a result, he laughed at me and told me to go work for a charity. Of course, I didn’t get a place in their program. This moment has stuck with me as CSR is really a mindset which is a value one has or one doesn’t. This combined with my love for experiencing the world, different cultures, meeting people from different countries, motivated me to start NAYA and run it in a different way. Thus, my motivation was and still is to establish a business model with philanthropy built into the DNA and to re-connect our consumers back to Nature through the effective & potent products we develop and bring to market, while transforming one skin at a time. Our mission is to create awareness about the Amazon and the importance of protecting it, the indigenous people that live there, and their wisdom. By harvesting ingredients endemic to the region so that indigenous communities and small scale farmers can establish new revenue streams and take great pride in their culture and land. Our objective is to drive and also show transparency across our supply chain. This is a heavy weight to lift for a small start-up so we started with one step at a time and we are only at the beginning of this journey.

What is your favourite product from the range? 

I love my evening routine as this is my time where I can re-connect with myself and check-in how things are and reflect upon the day. I start with the Everyday Cleansing Oil to remove any grime of the day and to feel refreshed. I then follow with the Overnight Hydration Mask and leave this on throughout the evening to sink into the skin. I finish with our Everyday Glow Serum and top it with either our Renew Cacay + A or with our Everyday Face Oil.

What are your wellbeing must haves?

It is really going back to the basics which would be the following:

Hydration – Making sure I am hydrated throughout the day. So I have a water bottle next to me.

Move – Ultimately, drinking a lot, makes me get up a lot so I stretch my legs and walk around. But I also simply cannot sit for very long times. I might have a bee in my bum but I walk around, do stretches, little mini exercise sessions to distract myself or other things to get me moving.

Nutrients – Eat foods that provide my body and mind the nutrients it needs to perform and work at its best. But I also don’t deprive myself. So if I fancy a piece of cake, I treat myself.

Nature – finally, I need a regular dose of nature and just be and observe the world around me.

Relationships – I regularly check in with my loved ones. And if it is simply a five-minute call or less than that. Just hearing their voice, checking in how they are doing and what they are up to, it all it takes.