Love Absolute is an independent brand of pure and botanically derived skincare that works so well you won’t need makeup…. 100% Vegan Cruelty Free & Guilt Free with ethical and luxurious Ingredients.

The Brand is passionate about natural and organic skincare with an emphasis on British specialty seed oil crops. This is a results driven brand whose blends work synergistically to improve the quality of your skin by encouraging balance, whatever your skin type..Sensitive, dry or oily. Each blend provides “THE RIGHT BOTANICAL OILS, FATTY ACIDS AND MICRONUTRIENTS, TO NOURISH, HYDRATE AND PROTECT THE SKIN AND THE FACIAL MICROBIOME”.

Sarah Bisset is a passionate holistic healer whose qualifications reflect her belief in the importance of aligning mind, body and spirit. Her commitment to natural skincare is reflected in the years that she’s spent researching and creating effective skincare solutions partly because of a need to find a solution to her son’s sensitive skin and growing customer demand. Love Absolute was born in 2017 out of Sarah’s passion and  commitment to changing lives. Sarah is the epitome of a kitchen table entrepreneur. Be Inspired.

Being Eco Conscious is a very broad subject and some of the things we think about are, impact to environments, farming methods, biodiversity, Soil Diversity, water use and wastage – locality and impact on local people.

We also think about our packaging and our normal products are all housed in Miron Glass which are high quality,  solid and re-usable and can be washed and re purposed as spice and herb jars that will keep your spices much fresher.

The only waste might be the label,  which can be peeled off and put in with the recycling.

We post without any added plastic in cardboard and string.

Our hand spray is in a biopolymer plastic which has a lower carbon production than any other material,uses a spray top- and can be reused and refilled.

We will temporarily reduce our reliance on glass bottles, to support the needs during covid. There will be an up coming glass & bottle pump dispenser shortage, which will have a world impact.

In terms of ingredients sourcing we have probably the lowest carbon and shortest journey time of any UK brand, as the bulk of our ingredients are grown and cold pressed within a two hour drive.

In terms of biodegradable end results, any emulsifiers or preservatives we use are green tech which means what goes back to the earth  ( down the sink) will not  cause any problems to the environment,  and all adhere to the standards of cosmos natrue and eco.

We have designed our products to be able to meet the soil association standards so we can certify in the future as we grow – meanwhile w follow the developments in farming to make sure we are doing our best to stay conscious and ethical .

What’s one of the highlights of being a fempreneur?

My highlight is the creative aspect e.g. making exactly what I want …plus getting to learn so much about ingredients along the way . I’m loving how much I’ve learnt. It’s a bit like watching master chef, getting inspired and  then making  something yourself.

It’s actually never that easy… but I like the initial inspiration…

Why is organic skincare so important to you?

Organic skincare means ingredients that are derived from living matter eg alive and have not been doused in pesticides. So I’m always sourcing ingredients with very high standards of gentle preparation, purity plus I look at sustainability. I tend to stick with the soil associations criteria of ‘natural’.

What is your favourite product from the range?

My first and favourite product is my creams eg lavish cold cream, which I couldn’t live without… I use creams over & under oils , after washing skin, plus on cotton wool as a late night lazy cleanse.

What are your wellbeing ‘must haves’? 

Well-being must have: firstly fine raw chocolate truffles, Secondly. a wide selection of aromatherapy sprays and mixes for every occasion. I put essential oils with sodium bicarbonate on the floor before I hoover, I put essential oils in alcohol and spray it to clean things, I spray natural oils on myself. Lastly, a bath with a hydrating mask which smells amazing, like soulful spice.

Add music.. and heaven awaits.

Peace and Quiet to think & plan.

Finding the wild areas on Hampstead Heath.

What motivated you to create Love Absolute?

Having run a holistic practise from home, plus doing facials in fields and festival spas, my motivation was always to create simple beautiful and exotic products that my clients would love using that offer a ‘kind and calming experience’

I wanted products my skin could actually handle, and that made me feel good. I like problem solving, and also love the  multi-functionality of natural ingredients, so you don’t have to have to use too many products.

I also look for very authentic sustainability, almost as if you were growing the ingredients in your own garden.

I only sell things I want to use myself, and find useful.