Wildcrafted Organics is a luxury Australian brand that create award-winning, nutrient-packed botanical skincare – and it’s all vegan.

Only the best, highly-concentrated ingredients make it into their products. Think Australian wildcrafted botanicals, bioactive compounds, and health-giving vitamins. Created by Herbalist and Nutritionist Nicole O’Sullivan, Wildcrafted provides the purest skincare possible.

Harnessing the natural healing power of plants, including botanicals from the land down under, this luxurious skincare will not only protect and repair your skin; it will nourish your body and skin from within. It’s nature’s answer to skincare.

­What inspired you to launch your brand, Wildcrafted Organics?

I didn’t have great skin in my early twenties, I didn’t have acne but I always seemed to have a blemish here and there and it was enough to make me feel embarrassed and long for a clear complexion. I started studying Botanical Medicine & Nutrition and was honestly totally in awe at the incredible healing power of plants. I switched to using natural products and there was a

huge improvement in my skin. Years later after moving to the beautiful country town of Mudgee with my family in my early forties I started wildcrafting my own skincare products and selling them at the markets. I had a very strong feeling at the time that this was what I was meant to do, this was my destiny.

Your range is a modern expression of Australian-made Botanical Medicine. Can you explain this inspiring definition?
Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Australia’s unique wild botanicals are full of skin loving nutrients and our products deliver these nutrients to the skin in concentrated, luxurious formulations that contain no cheap fillers or questionable ingredients. Wildcrafting is the sustainable harvesting of plants from the wild for food or medicinal purposes – we create products that heal the skin and soothe the soul.

Tell us one of your personal best kept pearls of wisdom.
For aspiring entrepreneurs – NEVER give up, dreams are built from determination and perseverance.


After studying Nutrition & Botanical Medicine, founder Nicole saw first-hand the incredible healing power of plants while working as a Herbalist in Bondi. It was here that she was introduced to truly Natural skincare and her love affair with Clean Beauty began.

She eventually started Wildcrafting her own precious oils and skincare after moving to the beautiful Mudgee countryside with her husband and two boys. Wildcrafted Organics is a culmination of her love of Botanical Medicine and desire to give women skincare that is as potent as it is powerful and as pure as it is effective.

Showcasing Australia’s Unique Wild harvested Botanicals in potent nutritionally rich formulas that contain no nasty chemicals, mineral oils, phthalates, parabens or synthetic fragrances.