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I am D.O.R and I’m committed to uplifting, supporting and empowering women both as entrepreneurs and as consumers. A lifelong passion for beauty and wellbeing products, a career as an international makeup artist and my entrepreneurial spirit have led to The D.O.R Edit where I share some of my beauty and wellbeing choices ….which I hope will add value to your life too. When you spend here you are supporting and empowering a female entrepreneur.

Founder Denise Rabor xx

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Inclusive Beauty and Wellbeing

I’m all about diverse and inclusive beauty and wellbeing, having grown up in a world that wasn’t inclusive and worked in the fashion and beauty industry where representation was lacking both for consumers and those that aspired to work within it. The fact that we still face these challenges in the 21st century means that there is still work to be done, so I try to lead by example which is why this website and its sister site Wow Beauty are diverse and inclusive. As a black woman, I am very aware of how much representation matters and unfortunately across the beauty landscape it has been missing for far too long. The brands that we stock are representative – their founders are ethnically, culturally and age-diverse all united by a commitment to value-driven beauty.

Female Founders

As a lifelong businesswoman myself, thanks to my entrepreneurial parents, especially my fempreneur mother, I can’t help but be passionate about women in business. Each brand has been born from their founder’s personal beauty or wellbeing journey… I love that. Watch this space as I will be connecting you with these fab fempreneurs through interviews, events and more.


Our Brands

The brands that we represent are united by the fact that they have been born out of a personal beauty or wellbeing need or experience and the founders behind them all have a personal story to tell. Love that. All of the brands that we stock are brands that I love to use and many are personal favourites


At The D.O.R. Beauty Edit our approach to sustainability centres around being conscious and responsible and the brands that we work with share those values. The brands that we work with are doing BIG things to make their products more sustainable and environmentally aware. Visit our brand pages to find out more about them, their ethics and what else they’re doing to become more responsible as they’re all doing so much. We’re proud to work with these brands and what they represent and believe in. We’ve also written a post here about our brands and what they’re doing, read it here.

It’s no secret that the environment is drowning in our disposable waste and the beauty industry is one of the contributing factors to this. A massive 13 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the world’s oceans every year, and in 2017, the UN declared the global ocean plastic pollution a ‘planetary crisis’.


Since then, the industry has been taking good steps to reduce our plastic usage – there’s been a ban on microbeads for example, as well as single use cotton buds, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. It’s in the interest of everyone to look at their consumption and see what we can all do to reduce our waste. From our perspective, simple things like packaging, ethical labour practices, being conscious of the supply chain and ethically sourcing ingredients are all part of the sustainability journey.

We’ll be talking more about sustainability in the beauty and wellness industry and give brands that are doing more and going the extra mile some support as well as learning along with you, how we can make a difference, along with what options are available. It’s going to be something we all need to do together, so please do reach out with any questions and thoughts that you have, we’d love to hear from you.

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Loved shopping here…especially the info about the brands.
Goods delivered on time, great experience.

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