About The Brand

Founder Denise Rabor grew up in a world that wasn’t inclusive and worked in the fashion and beauty industry where representation was lacking both for consumers and those that aspired to work within it.

The fact that we still face these challenges in the 21st century means that there is still work to be done, which is why this website and its sister site Wow Beauty are committed to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Wow Beauty is the destination for inclusive beauty, wellbeing and wellness. Check out the e-zine and be inspired. Wow Beauty is your beauty and wellbeing destination for expert knowledge and expertise. You’ll learn anything you need to know about beauty…YOUR beauty, whoever you are…whether you’re interested in the latest makeup trends and how you can wear them or the most effective treatments for positive ageing you’ll find informative, insightful reviews and honest professional opinions which will inspire and motivate you experiment with new products & services.

The seeds to the D.O.R. Beauty Edit were actually sewn in 2016 with the launch of the Wow Beauty website – a holistic beauty and wellbeing website designed to be an inclusive space where any woman regardless of factors like ethnicity, culture or age could feel welcomed.

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The Story

WOW Beauty

Wow Beauty was founded by Denise Rabor and here’s why she started Wow Beauty.

I have been an international makeup artist for over 15 years and I am as mad about beauty now as I was when I started.

I can’t help myself, I love beauty and makeup products – I just love the power of makeup to enhance, to transform, to empower …it’s wonderful to see someone’s confidence grow simply because they feel good about how they look.

Almost every woman that I speak to expresses feeling confused about which are the best products to use for her needs, because there is so much choice! Of course choice wonderful, because it means that there is something for everyone. As a makeup artist I get to try a lot of products firsthand, which means that as a consumer my choices are made easier: what I will offer you is my perspective on products and treatments as a professional and as a consumer… I’ll tell you what I think you’ll probably love about a product as well as what you might not.

This is how Wow Beauty came to become and it has become a place to empower you… we’re all about wellness, skincare and beauty and that’s reflected in our products.

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