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With a name inspired by its ethos of  “Life is Beautiful in Balance”, LBB was created for a dynamic, modern life. This innovative skincare range is designed to work with a hectic schedule, mixed priorities, and ever-changing goals.

For all the full-schedulers, multi-taskers, and go-getters. For those who expect the best results from their skincare and care about what goes into the products, our bodies, and the environment. We can acknowledge that stress is often a part of life, while also prioritising moments of relaxation, restoration, and time for ourselves.

It’s time for skincare to accommodate the way you actually live. With LBB, simplicity, and convenience come with zero compromises. Want quality, performance, and pleasure?

We have you covered – literally. From the very top of your busy mind down to your dehydrated toes.  We’ve got you; when you need time and peace and feel you have none. Our easy, versatile, and immersive products were made to adapt to you.

Life is Beautiful in Balance
Life is balanced with LBB.


Sustainability in our DNA: From thoughtful biodegradable or recyclable packaging to low water environmentally conscious formulas designed to multi-task and really allow the efficacy of our ingredients to shine through –  LBB is Less but Better. Our multi-use products are also another win for sustainability, since fewer products also mean less packaging, and a lower carbon footprint overall. It’s great news for conscious minimalists – home and away!

What motivated you to create LBB?

I created LBB with busy and active people (women and men) in mind. When I look back at my 20s and 30s – I was hyper-active, I had a busy work-life and was constantly trying to pack everything into the limited free time I had. My skin flaring up was one of the 1st signs from my body that things were out of balance. Heading into my 40s, then I’d also started to notice more fine lines & changes – so I needed my skincare to deliver results. I also found the emerging skincare choices and ever increasing number of steps to follow rather overwhelming. I created LBB to simplify –  LESS BUT BETTER.

We have a tight collection of 3 unique products I call essential luxuries. Each is versatile & multitasking and can simplify (i.e. replace 3 or more products in your routine) or compliment your existing routine. The luxury comes in the attention to detail we’ve put into every aspect to make it easy & convenient. From thoughtful design, packaging and formulas designed to multi-task and really allow the efficacy of our natural and vegan ingredients to shine through. We use a generous amount of active ingredients (no fillers) and soothing scents that bring the healing powers of aromatherapy into the ever-busy, lives of today. Whether you have only one minute or 20, are home or on-the-go – each product is super easy, smart and works!

What is your favourite product from your range?

Each product has an essential place in my routine but if I really had to choose one product it’d have to be our A-Game hydration balm. It’s my skincare MVP! I use it for absolutely everything. My face, lips, cheeks, brows, cuts, bruises, ashy hands and elbows — basically anywhere that needs a little extra TLC including my hair! You won’t find many natural and vegan balms super charged with plumping hyaluronic acid, super-smoothing ceramides and natural retinol. All-important ingredients for any woman (or man) over 30 to deliver an instant hydration hit + glowy skin! Plus the texture is divine! Most balms are sticky or greasy and this isn’t. It absorbs easily to leave a dewy yet non-greasy glow.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!


The brand is the result of the experience and ideas of one amazing entrepreneur, Nnenna O. Having spent many years working as an investment banker in London, Nnenna understands the stresses of a hectic modern life, and the careful balancing act that is required to manage it. One particular struggle was finding the time and a place for pampering – a must-have for every woman that’s always on the go! This inspired Nnenna to create LBB – an ambitious skincare range formulated using clean, natural ingredients, that helps to nourish the body while providing those much-needed moments of calm.

With first-hand experience as a working executive, approaching 40 and starting to notice the mounting effects of her busy lifestyle, founder Nnenna needed products that would work and that she could use effortlessly whether she had one minute or 20, was at home or on-the-go.

From thoughtful packaging and formulas designed to multi- task and really allow the efficacy of our ingredients to shine through, to soothing scents that bring the healing powers of aromatherapy into the ever-busy, modern lifestyles of now.

Nnnena takes a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing. Her wish was to incorporate clean and natural ingredients into her skincare to nourish her  body and provide moments of calm and luxury whether she had 1 minute or 20, at home or on-the-go – safe in the knowledge they work to help her age well.