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About The Brand

Authentically British, Authentically Nigerian

Welcome to Okiki, where the artistry of handmade skincare and personal products pays homage to rich Nigerian and Ghanaian heritage. Okiki is committed to crafting exquisite products using natural, cruelty-free ingredients that honour the vibrant tapestry of their heritage.

Embracing the unique fusion of Yoruba origins and British influence, Okiki brings you a collection of luxurious, deeply satisfying products. From enchanting candles and sumptuous lotions to indulgent bath salts and lavish soaps, each creation is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Okiki’s products are not just a reflection of heritage; they are a celebration of the beauty that arises when nature, culture, and craftsmanship intertwine. Welcome to Okiki, where every creation is a masterpiece of indulgence and cultural richness.

The Story

Okiki Skincare
Okiki Skincare

In 2016, the dynamic duo of mother, Ade, and daughter, Antonia, came together to establish Okiki – a brand devoted to crafting exquisite, handcrafted, and natural personal and home care products. Their diverse range includes essential oil-infused candles, soaps, and lotions, all meticulously created with a commitment to quality and a nod to their rich Nigerian and Ghanaian heritage.

At Okiki, the very essence of their name, which means “prestigious” in Yoruba, encapsulates their mission. Driven by the vision to produce top-tier products from the finest natural ingredients and drawing inspiration from ancestral recipes, many of Okiki’s offerings reflect the timeless wisdom passed down through generations.

From candles that cast a warm glow to soaps that evoke tradition and bath salts that revitalise, each creation is a testament to Ade and Antonia’s passion for excellence. This duo takes pride in sharing their cultural richness with you through these luxurious, deeply satisfying products—crafted with as much joy as we hope you derive from using them.


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