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Essential Purifying Hand Spray


Essential Purifying Hand Spray with the beautiful and calming aromatherapy oils Blue Tansy Lemongrass and Tea Tree blended with witch hazel and 72% of certified organic alcohol.

The most essential hand bag and pocket product, to keep hands safe and fresh.

Use at home and whilst doing essential errands, on country walks, while shopping or travelling or even if you have to use transport, plus when you are unable to physically wash hands.

Formulated with an experienced cosmetic scientist from the UK to meet current guidelines, entirely from natural  and botanical ingredients, this can be slightly less drying than relying on hand washing alone and less sticky with no chemical or synthetic scent.

You can also clean your hands easily and effectively  after contact with small surface areas like buttons, handles or doors.

A beautiful and reassuring combination of healing and calming aromatherapy oils for a subtle herbal scent.


This is a BEAUTIFUL holistic hand sanitizer (we’re all in need of this right now…) that has gorgeous ingredients including 72% of certified organic alcohol to keep the skin clean… but it also has a beautiful blend of aromatherapy oils to look after the skin as well! We also love that it is in a spray, so it can also be used on things like doorknobs etc when needed.

Spray onto one hand and rub this hand over the other, and allow to air dry.

Features Certified Organic Alcohol Denat. 72 % blended with aromatherapy oils ‘Tea Tree, Blue Tansy and Lemon Grass’ with Witch Hazel in a convenient spray, which dries quickly, and does not leave hands sticky, as well as having no synthetic elements or scent.

Blue Tansy is soothing and calming with chamalazuline an antioxidant active that calms skin and provides a beautiful herbal scent with a balancing aspect to the blend.

Tea tree is amazing for everyday purposes, as an antiseptic and antiviral with well known and proven properties and is often used topically to treat skin abrasions, acne, bug bites, and fungal problems.

Organic Lemongrass is another essential oil with well known antibacterial properties, plus combines well with tea tree to calm and support with its actives nerol and geraniol that help tea tree as an antiseptic.

Witch Hazel is a flowering plant whose extracts are thought to calm and soothe sensitive skin.

Love Absolute’s Ethanol (Alcohol Denat) is certified organic by the soil association.

This grade of alcohol is the most popular, because it is very effective against germs and viruses and considered food grade.

Since it’s so effective at killing bacteria and microbes, many people are curious why 190 proof (or 95%) alcohol (ethanol) shouldn’t be used over 70% alcohol (ethanol)

70% Solution is Preferred

Ethanol is diluted to a 70% solution, to be more  effective at killing microbes, bacteria, and other microorganisms because it stays on germs a little longer more effectively penetrating the cell walls and ensuring cell death.


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