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Build your own ‘Stress Busting Toolkit’

stress busting

April is Stress Awareness Month and this week, D.O.R. Beauty Edit would like to help you create your own’ ‘stress busting toolkit’ to boost your wellbeing… enjoy!

Our Founder Denise’s Story…

It’s only over the last few years that I’ve become aware of just how much unacknowledged stress I have and the ways that it impacts me that I hadn’t fullydenise understood….and in fact I’m still learning about. like so many of you, It’s always been my default to say ‘I’m fine’ & actually believe it….too busy ‘doing’ to really take the time to manage my stress.

We all deal with stress in different ways and there are actions both big and small that we can take to help us – the bigger actions may well involve major life changes but if you’re not ready to do that, you can do small but consistent things.

I incorporate aromatherapy as much as I can both at home and at work, so I love using the wonderful Kiss the Moon Bath Salts for an evening decompress from the day soak, followed by equally wonderful Arithmos Soothe Body Oil and let’s not forget the candle burning in the bedroom. At work I love using the LBB Roller Ball when I need a moment of calm.

Denise xx



Arithmos – Soothe Superfine Body Oil

Imbued with floral notes of rose and geranium, this lightweight miracle worker sinks in immediately, bringing instant relief to dry, tight skin. Skin feels velvety soft and smooth, while you feel calm and composed.

CFF – Clarity, Focus, Flow Flower Essence

This flower essence is designed to support you when you need to develop clarity in your life, perhaps around your purpose or intention, as well as helping you to maintain the focus needed to make things happen and lastly helping you to achieve and maintain that often elusive state of flow.


Prisimologie – Oud Massage Candle

Transform dry, parched skin with this richly indulgent warm body oil in massage candle form, which delivers long-lasting intensive skin conditioning and moisture. Leaves skin feeling butter soft and nourished, and quiets the mind to a place of restful serenity.


kiss the moon

Kiss the Moon – Bath Salt Trio

Sleep-inducing aromatherapy essential oils with detoxifying Magnesium and Dead Sea Salts to ease muscles and relax your mind & body before bed… a gorgeous trio of bath salts for the most relaxing bath ever!


gua sha

Hayo’u – Clear Quartz Beauty Restorer Gua Sha

Wind down after a long day with this cooling and calming gua sha stone. Known as the ‘master healer’ crystal in Chinese Medicine, the Clear Quartz Beauty Restorer is our gua sha go-to for stressed skin.


LBB Skincare – Flight Mode Rollerball

Feel stressed, struggle with sleep or just need a moment to calm your fight-or-flight response? Flight Mode brings the healing powers of aromatherapy into the ever-busy, modern lifestyles of now, instantly transporting you to a place of pure bliss while combatting a host of modern day stressors.

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