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New Launch: Wynnie Tam Tam


Step into a world where sophistication meets serenity. We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our shop – Wynnie Tam Tam!

At D.O.R. Beauty Edit, we have always been dedicated to curating the finest in beauty and self-care from brands with passionate founders who have a story to tell with their creation. We believe that beauty extends far beyond skincare and cosmetics; it also encompasses the ambiance and aura we create in our spaces. That’s why we are delighted to announce that we are now an official stockist for Wynnie Tam Tam.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your self-care ritual, create a serene ambiance for your home, or searching for the perfect gift that embodies luxury, these candles are your answer. Check them out today!

The Brand

Wynnie Tam Tam is a luxury candle brand, dedicated to promoting mindfulness and creating calm memories through the power of scent.

Our mission is to alleviate stress and immortalise those treasured moments of tranquillity that help you to focus on your feelings and sustain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Each divine and deeply relaxing candle is created with love and individually handcrafted using 500 drops of the finest essential oils. Luxury can’t be rushed, and each pour can take weeks to perfect. Our boutique soy wax candles use only the purest, highest quality ingredients and are kind to the environment. A clean, smooth burn and luxurious fragrance effortlessly transports you to your happy place, gently restoring your mind, body and soul.

About the Founderwynnie

Wynne started with the mission to be real, personal, and connect with people from the heart through the power of fragrance. Wynne promises that mission to be poured into every candle that will allow anyone who indulges to connect to that moment, and create a newfound memory that will leave a lasting impression for life.


Wynnie Tam Tam – Body + Mind Candle

BODY + MIND Calm – is here to offer little moments of peace through your busy day. When you want to escape the present and take a journey to your own personal island of calm, nothing compares to being able to switch off your mind and body. From the moment you light the wick, lie back and close your eyes, you’ll feel at rest and at peace like never before. As your mind drifts and arrives at a sense of deep inner calm, you’ll discover the true meaning of authentic self-care.
  • Up to 48 hours burn time

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