Wax Melts Aromatherapy Set


By Kiss the Moon

Scent yourself to sleep with GLOW & DREAM

100% natural aromatherapy wax melts to help with your nightly wind down routine. Beautifully scented with pure essential oils in Kiss the Moon’s signature blends. Each one taps in to the power of nature’s most soothing aromas to help relax the mind and soul in preparation for a good night’s sleep

We’ve included 18 x pretty aromatherapy melts made from pure soy wax and our night-time essential oils with a black ceramic aromatherapy burner

Soy Wax Melts + Ceramic Burner + Tea light + GLOW pack and DREAM pack of melts

2 x 50g (15+hrs)

8hr tea light included

Burner height 85mm x 73mm x 73mm


Place 1 melt in to the well of the burner & warm with the tealight below to release the pure essential oil aroma. For best results melt for 1-3 hrs.

Burn candle out of reach of children & pets. Always leave at least 10 cm between candles. Do not burn on or near anything that may catch fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish before going to bed.

Contains Citral, Geraniol, Geranyl acetate, Menthone, d-Limonene, dl-Citronellol. May produce an allergic reaction. Safety data sheet available on request

Made with pure soy wax and pure essential oils

GLOW: Contains Citral*, Geraniol*, Geranyl acetate*, Menthone*, d-Limonene*, dl-Citronellol*

DREAM: Contains alpha-Pinene*, d-Limonene*

*present in 100% natural essential oils

Additional information


kiss the moon

The brand is rooted in aromatherapy and as such utilises the best natural ingredients like sandalwood, frankincense, chamomile and rose are used to create unique blends all focused encouraging relaxation and sleep. Kiss The Moon is a Wellbeing brand committed to helping us to be our best selves by supporting us to ‘sleep beautifully’. Be Inspired.

Based in the English countryside, Kiss the Moon is driven by a passion to help you have a beautiful night’s sleep. Founded by Jo Foster, and born from the need to get her own sleep back on track and counter the effects of a life full of deadlines and jet lag inducing travel.

kiss the moon

Jo Foster created Kiss The Moon as a way of dealing with her poor sleep. Jo’s corporate career was the typical one of long days, constant deadlines and major jet lag thanks to international travel. Jo took decided to take control of her wellbeing: she took the entrepreneurial leap and started Kiss The Moon a unique sleep focused brand that has already won numerous awards. Be Inspired.

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